Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Without being completely pathetic about this I just wanted to kind of express my birthday dilemma. I love birthdays, I feel like they should be awesome and fun and stuff. But when it comes to my own birthday, the past several years haven't quite worked out the way I had originally hoped or imagined. I've had big plans each year, and I don't want to say I was let down, because in the end my family and few good friends were with me and thats what counts. But they weren't what I expected either. So I've kind of tried to stop setting up expectations and this year is the first year I've been putting that into affect. Right now my expectations are pretty reliable :P Pizza, cake, ice cream, family.
But when people ask me what I want to do or what I want to get, I don't know what to tell them anymore. I don't want to seem all depressed about this and I don't like to linger on it too long. But its frustrating. People tell me "do something fun you deserve it!" but what am I supposed to do? Im drawing a blank here. :] pizza it is.

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The Celebrated Author said...

Thanks to Higher Things, I no longer really know what to do with my birthdays. I turned 12 and 16 at conferences, and 13 and 14 were traveling to and fro. (I turned 15 at camp.) When I had my 17th birthday totally at home, I pretty much didn't do anything. I was actually packing for vacation that day. Pizza sounds awesome.